Any chance for Expansion?

Zer0Zer0 Posts: 2
Hi guys,
do you think there is a chance for expansion for conflict? No big thing, just some new Megacons with their specific abilities and the same amount of dice. (So that we don't need to buy 2x the same game to play with 3 or 4 players).


  • I just recently got to pick up the game and its super fun, I have a few friends that have been starting to dig into the Mercs system and it's auxiliary games. I even picked up the second set of dice, but our issue now is that we want to play our factions in Conflict. I was lucky enough to have CCC in the starting force, but some of my friends weren't so lucky. I just hope that this isn't a one and done game, and there will be future releases.

    I mean if the only negative thing I have to say is I want more, then it's a pretty good game.
  • MERCKennyMERCKenny Posts: 1,473
    We will be releasing free factions via download and some other tweaks. I just got done going over 2 of them. :)
  • MojoMojo Posts: 8
    Can we buy the dice separate? I keep hearing you can but I don't see them anywhere.
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