Emergence Event Galaxy Edition Kickstarter

The Emergence Event Kickstarter begins on November 4th. Emergence Event Galaxy Edition is the complete base game Emergence Event and the expansion, The Awakening, together. It is an engaging 3X game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit) in uncharted space. If you already own Emergence Event, the expansion is available as a separate pledge level. Both pledge levels get Kickstarter exclusive captain cards that are unique and help boost your captain’s abilities in interesting ways.

The expansion contains 2 new captains, 6 new galaxy tiles containing special effects, 20 event cards pertaining to the Markarians’ arrival, and 2 new discovery story arcs. We have a lot of content planned for stretch goals and can’t wait to share this with our fans.

Hope to see you all on November 4th when the Kickstarter launches. Here is a look at the Kickstarter launch video!


  • @MERCKenny

    Will the copy of Emergence Event core game that Kickstarter backers get, be a new OGP printing with new artwork? Or will it be the current Panda printing?

  • MERCKennyMERCKenny Posts: 1,473
    It is the current Panda printing. Expansion materials and stretch goal materials will be done by OGP. They can match samples easily so there is no distinction.

    We have some stretch goals that will make you pretty happy though. Hope to see you there.
  • GroveGrove Posts: 22
    I remember you guys said a few times, that for EE you guys wished you had a KS for it, as it serves a great marketing tool and also as a way to gather funding.

    This video is 90% about the original emergence event. So I guess you are taking this opportunity to market EE meanwhile Kickstart an expansion? Pretty clever.

  • RedmickRedmick Posts: 488
    Good evening MERCS.

    It is very good to hear from you again. I have read your update for Emergence Event - but wanted to remind you I sent the money outside of the normal KS channels. Hopefully you still have my details - I am only in for the expansion, and have already paid the money for shipping - but can obviously not access Backerkit.
  • pvgpvg Posts: 6
    edited March 27
    I'm seeking clarification on the recently-sent EE Kickstarter update. I backed for both base game and expansion, but I didn't pay shipping because I wanted to get it all at once. On Backerkit, it shows I owe: $70 for Pledge Level, $12 for Pledge Level Shipping US. I cannot remove the $12 shipping cost.

    The instructions say:
    If you have not paid for your wave 1 shipping, you need to add the 2nd wave shipping add-on to your order. Your wave 1 and wave 2 will be shipped out together.
    If I add 2nd Wave Shipping, that adds another $10, but that doesn't seem right: the goal of postponing paying shipping was to get it all at once without having to pay two shipping costs.
  • RedmickRedmick Posts: 488
    I am thinking, although Mercs will need to confirm this, that the message is not clearly worded, and that $12 in fact is the only payment you need to make to get everything sent together.
  • pvgpvg Posts: 6
    Yes, the latest email that went out clarified it. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to having this one hit the table.
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