Faction breakdown/primer

I was hoping to get some sort of faction breakdown or primer before buying into this. I would like to know some cool stuff about each faction so I can make an informed decision on picking two to test the game.


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    Now that I had been playing against myself for a bit, I have some opinions on some factions I have painted, played with and studied on: CCC and Texico. I also could tell how some factions should work. More experienced people, do please correct me if I'm off anywhere.

    This is a great introductory faction as their Corporate Abilities are all passive and applied. CCC can be flexible, both before and during the game. You could choose teams that are for close-range assault (with Gunner, Breacher and Incinerator) or long range firefight (Heavy, semi-auto wielding miniatures), or a mixed element. The Heavy is probably one of the better miniature for suppression.

    Texico should be all about setting up advantageous positions. This is because of their traps, which heavily discourage Bounding. Combined with the Eagle (flight and getting to high places quickly), a Sniper that gets added strength from high ground (that shoots every turn), and a Heavy that provides heavy cover to those behind him, Texico can more easily go into better positions than their opponent. Their trick should be to set up and shoot up a guy with Focus Fire until he's dead; preferably the guy you declare a Bounty on with the Marshal if he's in the team. Then fun times. Texico can also do decent close range assault as they have smoke grenades to cover their advances and the Ranger's flashbang grenade. Texico's weak point is their lack of template attacks, with only the Breacher having it.

    GCC is heavy into close-range attack. One of the toughest model in the game, the Tribunal, is purely melee. The Judge is a good counter against enemy melee-based models, and the Chief can shoot up people close to each other. GCC is also great at objectives if choosing the Agent, but he is barely usable in combat. Their Corporate ability lets them stop one miniature per game from activating. Their Sniper is great at breaking armour. Then two combined means that they are good at causing delays and make it hard for the enemy to support each other; the opponent has to send them in piecemeal or wait for everyone to be ready but waste precious time. Overall, this means GCC plays the objective quite well.

    Control. USCR is slow and barely has any Move and Shoot, but they make up for it by making sure the opponent also doesn't move where he wants. This is done through the Commissar, the Sniper, and Behemoth (for area-denial). Their Dense Corporate Ability means Str 1 weapons are useless against them when their armour is unbroken. This discourage those with melee and machine pistols to attack them head on unless they could flank the USCR. A good USCR player should not allow the opponent to do that.

    KemVar has possibly one of the strongest Corporate Ability: Active Camouflage. This upgrades their cover tier by one. They could use this in two ways: having a distinct advantage in a long-range firefight (which they have plenty of semi-autos and a good Heavy), or using it to get close and personal and mess the opponent up with their Shock and Assassin. The Sniper should be used to stick the "repulsor" on miniatures that could support each other. This denies opponents of Leadership, Inspire, and even use of medkit and repair kits. The downside is their poor Armour Failure rate. If their armour is hit, then it will probably break, which means that miniature is screwed or out of the fight for a while to try to fix the armour. A well-timed Crack Shot could ruin a KemVar player's match.
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    Thanks I appreciate the input. I need to find out more about the rest. Is there any other good places for information before diving in?
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    I do a load of videos for MERCS. Do they help?

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    I have watched numerous videos of yours. I decide on the Sefadu and Texico factions based off of the one explaining good factions. Do you have a how to play video or some battle reports?
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    I do have a battle report/ full game (kezai waza Vs EU inc). Ive got a playlist of 1st edition stuff, I think I do a how to play there?
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    Anybody have any info on house 4 or EIC? Rdy to jump back but waiting on my local store to restock with the new faction boxes. Thanks and glad to be back.
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    EIC are a tricky faction, but they have some REALLY good sneakyness :)
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