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Hi everybody!

I'm looking for a few people who are willing to invest some time, love and heart blood to playtest MYTH: Dungeons.

Let me get something out of the way: This IS work! You'll need to:

- Print, cut and glue stuff
- Spend some money on tiles (if you don't want to DIY)
- Invest some considerable time not only in playing the game, but also in writing your impressions and assessments down.

If you are interested, please PM me and write a few lines about your MYTH-life and why you want in on this BETA!

Thank you!

Edit: Dont' worry! You'll don't have to sign a NDA ;-D


  • JeffGJeffG Posts: 78
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    Id be up for it!

    Ive been around the Myth saga since the beginning.
    Got every peice of Myth stuff produced, including KS1 stuff, the recon stuff, even down to the colour item sleeves. Its a great game that my group really enjoys. Im on this site every Monday anyway (you may have noticed), so Id be happy to provide weekly feedback at the same time.
    I also already test for other major companies (but cant discuss that as they do insist on an NDA....)

  • nimmzweinimmzwei Posts: 359
    @JeffG PM sent! :smile:
  • JeffGJeffG Posts: 78
    Hi @nimmzwei
    Thanks for the invitation. The quests and dungeon layout cards look excellent, as do the monsters.
    Sadly I couldnt find any form of rules sheet at all, so Im a bit at a loss as to how to set-up and play a game. Can you help?
  • nimmzweinimmzwei Posts: 359
    There is a beta manual now. Just join the hangouts-chat (I think, I sent you the link) and me or one of the others are happy to help you with any questions you may have concerning MYTH: Dungeons!
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